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Self-Directed Support

Self-Directed Support

Our Self-Directed Supports aim to:

  • Promote physical wellbeing
  • Deliver measurable lifestyle improvements
  • Encourage independent living
  • Empower participants tomanage their own level of care

This partnership’s aim is to ensure that people with disability have opportunities to develop their skills and competencies in managing their Individual Support Package. This option best suits people who are not quite ready to take on the direct payment system but would like to be more in control of their program and funding.

Our partnership provides individual support in all areas of life including attendant care, respite care, skill building, support to access the community and other individualised support. People choosing this option will direct their supports and select their own support staff.

To help individuals decide on the option that best suits their needs, Rehabilitation Care Solutions team member will talk to each person in detail to gain an understanding of their ideas, interests, needs and aspirations. We will then develop a service agreement based on the responsibilities we identify in the partnership.