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How We Can Assist

How We Can Assist

We can assist you to participate in your chosen recreation activity

Tom would like to participate in activities and leisure pursuits outside of his home environment. He currently engages in a number of in home activities, but does not access the community very often. Tom's family have found it difficult to take him out for walks in the local area as the surfaces and uneven an steep, but would like to be able to go for walks as they did when Tom was still in hospital.

Tom has attended a ten pin bowling group, but did not enjoy it.

Tom would like to be linked into activities which relate to his cultural and employment background, i.e. Persian, film, theatre, photography, etc.

Tom has previously worked as a house painter and has expressed an interest in

How we’ve helped Tom get involved in his preferred activities

  • Contact local councils to access lists of wheelchair acceessable parks, shops, etc.
  • Prepare a directory of such places for Tom and his family. Research Persian Societies in the area and establish list of possible groups, activities, etc.
  • Contact and visit these groups to ensure they are wheelchair accessable, etc. Organise for Tom to trial these groups/activities.
  • Contact local councils and arts societies to determine the possibilities in the area. Provide Tom with a list of possible activities to establish his interest. Ensure the venues, activities, etc are wheelchair accessible and organise for Tom to trial some activities.
  • Provide Tom with yearly programs of theatre, film, etc performances. Investigate possible venues for Tom to paint.
  • Reseach other artistic mediums that Tom might be interested in becoming involved in.
  • Organise for Tom to trial some of these activities.

(Tom's name has been changed)