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Community Access Planning

Community Access Planning

What is Community Access Planning?

  • Community Access Planners work with individuals to assit them to participate in their chosen community, recreation, vocational or skill based activities to encourage personal growth.
  • Assisting individuals to engage in disability specific and generic based community services across all regions.
  • Work with the community to further develop recreation services for individuals with disabilities.

We are committed to increase opportunities for participation in leisure activities accessible to people with disabilities.

Community Access Planning is the service provided by a Community Access Planner to an individual to:
  • Assess and review the support needed to enable a individual to participate in community based leisure or recreational activities.
  • Help link individuals into mainstream or supported community based leisure or recreational activities.
  • Maintain and enhance peer support networks, and facilitate sharing of funded support services.
  • Monitor individual participation in community activities to ensure programs continue to appropriately address individual needs

Who can use the Community Access Planner?

  • Futures for Young Adults and school leavers
  • Support and choice packages for non-compensable individuals receiving funding from the Department of Human Services
  • Individuals receiving compensable funding e.g. TAC, Workcover
  • There is no age limit to those applying.

Benefits of this service

  • Metropolitan wide Community Access Planners connecting people with people as a community
  • Personal planning approach
  • Help individuals pursue their recreational, vocational interests and passions.
  • Extensive networking contacts within the disability and generic sector
  • Occupied with staff with years of experience in planning for people with a disability.
  • Facilitated by staff with recreation and community development qualifications.
  • Expertise in working with people who have Acquired Brain Injury
  • Funding is utilised in consultation with the funding body.

Community Access Planners focus on individual lifestyles and assist clients to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to continue to independently participate in their recreation and leisure interests at home and in the community.  

Community Access Planners have specialised skills and knowledge in the following areas:

  • Leisure education, counselling and advice
  • Assessment of individual leisure needs, goals and abilities
  • Leisure planning for individuals and groups
  • Supporting and facilitating individual leisure choices
  • Reviewing and/or modifying equipment or activities
  • Developing leisure resources for clients, families and the wider community
  • Facilitating ‘Come ‘n Try’ days to promote leisure and recreation opportunities